Summary of live CS quality development activities

Column:Company News Time:2019-05-22


On September 12th, the autumn was very cool and cloudless. In the afternoon, the company arranged a live CS event for everyone, so that everyone can fully relax in the spirit of intense work, and also enhance the understanding between colleagues.

In order to achieve better expansion, you need to do a lot of preparation before the event: such as team, determine the captain, team name and slogan, equipment use. The coach is giving us a detailed explanation of how to use the equipment and the precautions.

The activities are mainly divided into four categories: time-limited attack and defense, confrontation, infernal Affairs, and gold medal killers. Under the leadership of the captain, the "special forces" and "war wolves" teams quickly entered the battle state and began to fight bloody battles!

Before each event, the captain will deploy a combat plan. The players will fight bravely, and the enthusiasm will be high. Fatigue, sweat and pain will not stop everyone from moving forward. It is worth mentioning that the female colleagues, although they usually look very weak, but on the battlefield is definitely the modern version of the "Red Women Army", the heroic heroic killing of the enemy can not be said to be the eyebrows, and finally the "special forces" team made the final victory.

During the event, we experienced the war and smoke and experienced the cruelty of war. Everyone's performance is both lively and brave, and alert and cautious. Although the "War Wolf" team has always been at a disadvantage, the players are not discouraged. Even if they die, they are killed for team honor.

This expansion activity made everyone deeply understand the importance of teamwork in the task execution process, and also enhanced communication and understanding between the people, and promoted the familiarity of employees. So how do you improve the team's combat effectiveness at work? I think: First of all, the team must determine a clear goal, the company's goals, and unswervingly implement. Secondly, in the clarification of the goal, the entire team must be passionately committed to all efforts. Only when all the people work hard can the team form a strong cohesive force and continue to enter and succeed. The third is to rationally allocate resources. Everyone has their own good and short-board places, fostering strengths and avoiding shortcomings, and fully fulfilling their duties. The entire team can guarantee a sustainable development trend.

The expansion activities are short-lived, but the impact on everyone is far-reaching. I believe that all the colleagues in the national industry will apply the experience of the development training to the work, and constantly break through the limits and tap the potential!