Nanjing Glaucus -Tech Co., Ltd’s Infrared Thermal Imager Helps National Fire Fighting

Column:Company News Time:2019-05-22

According to the statistics of the international fire department, there are about 7 million fires happening every year in the world, and about 70,000 people have lost their lives in the fire. As far as China is concerned, from the fire statistics of nearly 20 years, China’s annual death toll from fire is about 3,000, and direct property losses are about 1 billion yuan per year.

When a fire occurs, it usually produces a lot of toxic gases. These toxic gases are very harmful to the human body. Therefore, the affected people must be rescued from the fire as soon as possible. If the affected person is smoked by toxic smoke, it is easy to be unconscious, or even fainted on the spot. If the person who fainted is not rescued in time, his life will be seriously threatened. In view of this, it is necessary for firefighters to use advanced equipment for auxiliary rescue. Fire-fighting thermal imaging cameras can play a very good role in fire rescue. When there are many smokes at the fire scene, it is difficult for the human eye to find the affected personnel. The firefighters can find the location of the affected personnel through the fire-fighting thermal imager and rescue them in time. In addition, the fire camera has a temperature measurement function, so you can see the temperature of the site environment on the camera screen, and you can tell whether the fire on the site is completely extinguished.

The fire department purchased a portable thermal imager specially developed for the national fire protection system. The camera has complete functions, accurate temperature measurement and clear image. It has won the praise of the users with its high cost performance.